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Anatomy of Desire | Morgan Loves You


“In the beginning there was desire,
which was the first seed of mind.”
– Hymn of Creation, The Rig Veda


There is a theoryAnatomy of Desire | Morgan Loves You

among philosophers, mystics and sages of teleology: that within each life, there is a final cause, a purpose, and each living thing will — and must — become what it Is.

This is the nature of longing — to be consistently reaching toward Who We Are, like a plant toward the Light.

Longing is what compels us to grow, and what draws us into the openness required to receive the life we deeply desire.

Spirit calls us from where we are to where we are going, and there is little to stop us — but fear.  And nestled closely beside fear is belief — about who we are, what we’re capable of and what we deserve.

In learning to lovingly sculpt our beliefs into an internal support system, fear becomes an ally — a source of creativity, curiosity and wisdom which points us toward Desire:

To be authentically & joyously Who We Are, in our core.
Living lives that honor
what we know
and who we were born
to become.




JANUARY 11th – APRIL 8th, 2016

13 weeks
13 guiding principles
& stepping bravely into
the life you long for


Ready?  Of course you are.
Anatomy of Desire | Morgan Loves You


$150 to claim your spot
+ three monthly payments of $100



Darlings, let’s:Anatomy of Desire | Morgan Loves You

  • Discover longing as a spiritual practice

    — one that involves heart-felt presence and surrender.

  • Open to what we most deeply desire

    by making a life that is ready to receive it.

  • Honor our deepest desires — and then go deeper,

    looking bravely at our fears, the beliefs that keep them in place,
    and all that stands between you and the life you want.

  • Love ourselves: totally, and consistently.


You’ll receive:

    that will help you to attune to your Deepest Self, your Highest Truth,
    and build the bravery muscles that need you.
    that will root you into your body, your intuition, and your power
    to Make A Living that is rich, peaceful & joyous

Because you are:

(of suffering).
(the life you want).
(in accordance with your Truth).



I wanted to change
my life.Anatomy of Desire | Morgan Loves You

Living only half-way (and half-fulfilled) was deeply painful — and I didn’t even know it.

My life was beautiful; I was doing important, rewarding work.  I had a fiancé who adored me, an incredible home set among lemon trees and towering eucalyptus….  But one day five years ago, in the middle of downward facing dog, I collapsed into tears on my bedroom floor.

There doesn’t have to be anything inherently ‘wrong’ with our lives, but when Spirit calls from the beyond, the external factors don’t matter.

I believed there was something waiting for me, so I made a choice:

Like fine-tuning the station on an old car radio, I began dialing myself into the Voice of my deep longing — and sought practices (and actions) to align myself with only that, like a devotee on a pilgrimage.

Desire became the gods to which I prayed and the faith to which I surrendered.



As your docent of Desire
Destiny and Faith | Morgan Loves You

I served years as a behavioral counselor and trauma advocate, studying the effects of stress & trauma on the brain & body.

I have trained as a yoga teacher, with a decade of meditation practice under my proverbial fanny pack.

I am a Reiki practitioner and bonafide Highly Sensitive Person.

I am an astrologer, I am a woman, and I am on my own windy path, doing this work every day.  I want to share with you how attention changes everything it touches, and how the heart holds for you everything you want to create.

Anatomy of Desire is my life’s work: these are the principles I use in my own life & with all of my clients.  These 13 principles and the practices they accompany — delivered over our 13 weeks together — can turn everything around.

My promises are simple:

1) your life will change
2) you will be uncomfortable


Inviting discomfort is a far different animal than enduring suffering.

When we invite discomfort, we enter by choice, and with intention, asking, “What is there for me to learn here?”  Enduring suffering inevitably forces us to make sense of our pain (and is not so loving toward ourselves).  The choice is between the suffering you are already in and the discomfort you may feel while changing.

After all:
Nothing transforms while remaining the same.

Anatomy of Desire | Morgan Loves You



“Morgan knows how to create a welcoming safe space, so I just felt confident to dive deep in to the medicine of my intuition, and know I was supported.  She is an inspirational, generous and kind guide, who facilitates with infinite empathy & unconditional love.  She’s kinda psychic!… She reads inside of me as if we’ve known each other from ancient times, and all this, at distance…. How surprising it is!  She guided me perfectly through my inner cartography, through the mystery of my soul.  With her approach, I feel I could really open my heart and let in the wisdom….”

– K., Quebec, Canada

• • •

“Wow, just… wow.  Did someone just turn on the lights???  IT’S BRIGHT IN HERE!!!!  Morgan, I can feel my life changing.  It’s hard, but it’s so worth it.  How do you DO IT?  How do you just KNOW?!?  You know, I’ve never felt so trusting in myself… you’re helping me see that I already know and have everything I need.  My heart feels so full.  I think you make me braver.”

– M., Portland, OR

• • •

“Morgan has been one of the most influential people in my entire life.  She is so self aware in seeing herself she not only rubs off naturally when you are around her, but you’re being educated by her without even knowing you’ve been in class.  She has taught me to dig deeper into myself, how to allow for space, time & energy to pick out individual feelings — all the feelings — in situations when it’s all usually one convoluted expression.  It’s a rarity to have that ability, and it’s a gift I have received from her that I continue to use and will never forget.  Be ready for your understanding of space, energy and self journey to be changed.  She will take you there.”

– N., Southern California

• • •

“Morgan is amazing.  She is 100% authentic and is a safe place.  Her heart bleeds love.  She has the ability to see your heart and love you completely through it with gentleness.  My life has been blessed by her presence and her ability to truly see the real me through my brokenness.”

– A., Orange, CA


Not ready?  Consider this.


Full disclosure: I’ve been there.Anatomy of Desire | Morgan Loves You

In one hand, I’ve had the life I deeply craved — and in the other I was holding all the permission I’d given myself to not take action.

What I came to realize was that every time I said, “later” or “I don’t have enough [time / money / strength / support / love],” I was reinforcing beliefs that kept me in suffering.

What I was really saying was, “I want you, Life.  But not that bad.”

What I was saying was:
I choose dissatisfaction.
I choose to endure suffering.
I choose ‘not enough.’


Which is cool.
The Universe is, for the most part, very patient.
(We just have to be willing to be honest about it.)


But imagine that the Universe only says ‘Yes.’


You think, “I’d love a different job.  One where I feel really nourished.”
The Universe says, Yes.
You tell your friend over coffee, “I’d love to make art.  Be a healer.  Live in Paris.  Fall in love.”
The Universe says, YES.
And you almost open an Etsy store.  Go to massage school.  Learn French.  Smile at that stranger — and then you think, “…but I’m not talented enough.  I’m not brave enough.  I’m not enough.”
The Universe says…

You get the point.


If you take nothing else away with you,
answer for yourself this question:


What am I saying “Yes” to?

(With all I think, say & do.)


Anatomy of Desire | Morgan Loves You
(I would love to see you on January 11th.)



That hot pink neon sign?  
That’s real.
(A client made it for me!)  
An ode to all things Yes.
Create a life that is a hot pink neon sign glowing Yes
and I promise:
Bliss will follow. 


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