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Womens Gathering Joshua Tree


Part retreat, part workshop, Burn
is the emergence of your capacity to name and receive the life you deeply crave.  When you join us, you step into the fire, forgive what’s been holding you back, and rise unashamed into who you were always meant to be.





There is so much permission we are here to learn to give ourselves.
To liberate yourself from your un-lived, un-spoken desires is holy work — it is THE WORK.
It’s the only way to belong to yourself.



Armed with a deep sense of your worth, deservingness and capacity to recognize your power to create, at Burn we look for the resonance your heart and soul naturally seek, and then work to amplify that recognition across all areas of your life.

Living a life of alignment is the result of telling the absolute truth — to yourself, first — and then architecting your life around that truth, so that you can look around and see yourself reflected honestly back to you in your work, relationships and creative expression.

Burn is the decision to step into your right livelihood, to live joyously and with abandon, and with unflinching belief that you can have and create what you really, really want.

Here, you come to learn the transformative effect of deep, DEEP self-compassion, and permission to unburden yourself from the heaviness of doubt, not-enoughness and shame that comes with so much of the wild need women are so hungry to express.

Here, the path gets really simple.  And we lay the stepping stones, together.





You’ll arrive Wednesday, October 11th by 6pm under a waning Cancer moon.  You’ll get your copy of the Burn Book — your guide for the weekend and the weeks that follow.  This book is the culmination of my work facilitating the emergence of women and their deeply-held truths.



Thursday, we begin.  We step gently into seeing ourselves with clear, loving eyes — from the point of view of deep truth and compassion.  You’ll feel vulnerability as incredibly powerful, what it tastes like in the body, and that this is actually your secret super-power and access to the Truth.

Truth-telling across all arenas of our lives can bring us into unshakeable alignment.  There is relief — finally — in receiving what we so deeply crave.  Finding permission to know what we know and want what we want helps us make room for the receiving.

Receiving is the foundation of our work.   Thursday is the day we find the shape of this permission & relief, and lift the lid on what’s been getting in the way.



Once we can sense who we are truly, it leads us inevitably to the point where we can stand with our longing in plain sight, with it guiding us honestly.  Admitting what we deeply crave from the deep meat of our tender pink hearts is a one-way ticket to freedom, and Friday is the day we come to our kneecaps to honor and listen to ourselves — and learn how to do it when the broken records start playing again.

Today, we clarify purpose and path.  Stepping into bigger bravery and bone-deep honesty in your work, relationships and life, this is the day you discover what it is you REALLY want and touch your power to create it.

You’ll be shocked to see how simultaneously fierce and supple this energy is — and how it pulls you into action that is heart-centered, energized and free.



The work we do during Burn will do you no good if you don’t walk back into your daily life feeling empowered with ways to bridge the work with the life you were previously living.  This is the day you learn about the importance of communication between Spirit — where all things are born for you — and the physical world where you do dishes and sop up spilt milk.

Fortifying the communication between these two truths enables the manifestation of your biggest dreams, bravest heart, freedom, abundance and joy — unlike anything you’ve ever tasted.

You will feel powerful and capable.  You will know your worth.  You will trust you are deserving.  There might be howling.



Sunday, we depart.  After gathering in the morning for a ceremony to close the circle and lay the first steps of the bridge back into your life, you’ll gather your precious goodies and head off to new lands.  But this is not the end.



Following our time together at Burn, you’ll be invited into the Burn Collective — a four-week group coaching extension of the retreat where you will continue to be supported and held by myself and your new clanswomen as you re-integrate back into the world.

We’ll connect weekly, with each woman who attends Burn receiving a private 90 minute coaching session in the four weeks that follow the retreat, so that the work can deepen in a way authentic to her unique desires and challenges.  This time is about clarifying & fortifying the work you did in Burn, thus re-establishing yourself as the woman you came into this life to be.

This support and grounding following the retreat is vital — this is where you learn how to re-educate yourself and the people who love you about who you are now, with grace and while staying the course with integrity and a promise not to betray the truths you’ve come to celebrate.


The Burn Collective will continue to draw on the Burn Book, a copy of which you’ll have received upon your arrival to the retreat —  the Burn Book is your manual to living a life of purifying truths, white hot vulnerability, and cavernous love for the life you own.  The transmutation that is always undergoing in the life of a woman committed to herself is no small thing; it’s not enough to step away for a few days and hope the new life will stick.  Commitment takes practice, patience and tools to continue to find and adhere to the guidance of your Deep Self.

Activating your particular power — and understanding the rhythms of this power that is sometimes soft, sometimes fierce — is the bravest thing you’ll ever do.  It means you always have yourself, you are never alone, and you are well-acquainted with your deserving.


Meditation Life Coaching Joshua TreeHaving a circle of women who can validate and recognize your power is life-giving to the extreme, and so, a note about the power of Presence:

At this point, we’re all well-acquainted with how transformative the virtual world can be; it can connect us with soulsisters all over the globe, and help forge connections in the heart which may not be otherwise present in the daily lives we’re living.

Burn is your work, yes, AND it is about this community — about the portal of in-person connection and the deepening of it, the cherishing of it, the celebration of all that we can see, feel and shift by actually showing up in real relationship with real people in real time.

Please, let’s not let ourselves slip away into anonymity by avoiding the electricity of in-person connection.  If you are feeling called to attend Burn, please consider how all that comes after these few days might be transformed by the decision to show up, fully present, vulnerable, human.







“Morgan is a lighthouse and a vessel, illuminating the path while holding all the crap that isn’t *you* with her deep questions, soulful listening and a penchant to detect BS like nobody’s business. I felt as if she were able to magically rearrange my cells and it was undeniable that I was stepping so much more fully into myself, my truth and shifting my life in huge ways.

If you’re hearing a whispering in your soul to work with Morgan, do your very best to not deny it. What you will discover and reveal will allow for such a sweet liberation of your fullest & most radiant self. She will help you uncover your truths. She will stand fearlessly by your side as you transmute. I have so much gratitude for this woman and for this sacred work we did together. Let your soul be ignited and burn away all that stands in the way of the most honest and beautiful expression of you.”   —  Y.P, New York




  • Our time together will include a group photo session to memorialize Burn.  In addition, each woman will receive a private mini-session, and come away with a handful of images of herself as the blazing, incandescent and wholly worthy woman she is.  The images taken during the retreat will be curated for a photo book of our time together, which you will receive a copy of after the retreat.
  • Attending Burn also means you’ll be treated to a private sound bath at the Integratron, a healing experience involving crystal singing bowls — like a cosmic Disneyland for your heart and body.
  • Joshua Tree is well known for its proximity to the healing waters of natural mineral springs abundant throughout the Mojave and Colorado deserts.  Burn will include a trip to a delicious spot where you can soak in these natural healing springs.
  • Nourishment is vital; Burn will be catered by conscious food vendors, and the menu will be curated to support any nutritional needs / restrictions.  No rabbit food for us.  This will be decadent AND nourishing to the max.
  • Secret gifts / fun things / very yay + much wow



I could never find a retreat like the one I was looking for — like this space you’re about to enter here.  So I made one up:

A circle of women that comes together to be fed and held and nurtured — AND safely invited to come face to face with their power.

Supported by the transformative effect of gathering with like-minded souls — AND shown through experience that they can give themselves permission to dream up the life they crave, and be given resources to bring it back home once the retreat is over.

After a retreat, you don’t want to disappear back in your life of bill-paying, schedule-keeping and dish-doing.  We need a way to plant the magic in our own gardens, and nurture it so we can witness the fruits of our revelations coming to life for longer than a few days of hot tub soaking and Om-ing.


“In each moment the fire rages,

it burns away a hundred veils.”

– Rumi


Burn is for you — because it is for every woman who wants the sweet relief of belonging to herself.





Some awesome things clients have said about this work:


“Morgan has an incredible ability to create and hold a holy space that expands and breathes with its inhabitants. The environment she creates is alive; the energy is palpable. She is the steady mirror holding you to the unraveling of your truth. I’ve experienced sweet ‘holy yes’ and vulnerable ‘holy shit’ moments with Morgan. If you are ready to meet your soul where it’s at and are open to whatever may die and be born (trust me, both with happen), Morgan will faithfully go the journey with you. She is the truth-teller you want by your side.”    — S.H., Nebraska

UnFuck Yourself | Soul Coaching Southern California

“I’ll be honest… this work will not let you hide.  Not from your brilliance, or your truth, or the callings of your soul.  You are not allowed to hide when you work with Morgan, because she is the light that burns away all you’re not to reveal all you know you are (and all you hoped you could be).  She’s the guide you didn’t know you were looking for, and embodies the kindness you could never quite believe was possible.  This is love staring straight at you, revealing what’s always been true… you are enough, you are worthy, you can have everything…
Being seen like Morgan sees you will change your life.  If you’re willing to walk into the fire and finally be free, she is who you want by your side.  This woman is the real deal.”   —  R.D., California

UnFuck Yourself | Soul Coaching Southern California

“I just knew there was no way around this, as soon as I felt what Morgan could see in me.  I didn’t even realize I was talking myself out being myself, making up excuses to not invest in myself and the life I said I wanted.  I think I figured I could do it by myself — and I guess I have.  But having a mirror who’s going to help you blaze away all your BS and REALLY LOVE YOURSELF is something, sometimes, we just can’t do by ourselves.

Morgan is a bolt of lightning.  You get struck by her, by her presence, by her wicked sense of humor mixed with the way she creates holy space around you.  You actually feel like a sacred temple of something good when she’s worked with you.  You just can’t go back to sleepwalking after being with her and feeling all the permission she gives you to not just be human, but also divine, powerful, fierce and soft.  She makes you feel like you can do ANYTHING, because you can, and because she believes you can.  I never really knew what whole could feel like before working with Morgan.”  —  T.K., Australia






We’ll be gathering in a private estate near the boundaries of Joshua Tree National Park.  The space is private and set in the natural wonders of this most magical desert landscape.

Coyotes yip and howl in the distance, and the night sky startles with its unashamed brilliance.  Home of the Chemehuevi natives (also called the Nuwu; “The People”), Joshua Tree is the place where the Colorado and Mojave deserts meet, supporting a landscape of astonishing rock formations and incredibly diverse plant and animal life.

  • Accommodations for Burn are communal; no one person will have private quarters.  There is, however, plenty of space on the estate for participants to find quiet solitude — and time set aside during the retreat schedule for free time to rest, move your body, play or lounge according to your needs.
  • Sleeping arrangements are a combination of beds, bunks, cozy cots and futons, with roommates paired up by our team  and priority given on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • You are encouraged to take excellent care of yourself while at Burn, which includes bringing along with you anything that supports your comfort and precious sleep needs.  A full list of what to bring will be sent to you as the retreat nears.
Our team will be in communication with participants to coordinate for any physical restrictions you may have; we will do our absolute best to accommodate you.


Please note:

This is an intimate gathering.  Space is limited, with each woman holding an integral space on the wheel that will become our time together.
In light of this, your $500 deposit is non-refundable.

No refunds on your balance will be given after September 27th, though you are invited to sell / give your spot to another woman if you’re unable to attend, prior to the deadline.

I trust that you will hold your space as sacred and integral to the whole of Burn, and that once you are registered, your commitment is in place.  Stuff happens, of course, so in the unfortunate event of an emergency, I’ll do all I can to assist you in selling your spot to another woman who is eager to take your place.







I believe — and have been repeatedly shown through this work — that when we get braver than we’ve ever been, and more committed to the truth than we thought we could stomach — we are set free by the fire of the longing to belong to ourselves.

Each one of us who does the work to discover who we are, and then goes on to BE THAT, serves as an example to every person we’ll ever touch, or meet, or stand before of what it looks like to be fully expressed, free and living the life we were always supposed to live.

I know you’ll come to Burn ready to know that woman,
trust her guidance and stand, finally, AS her.


I am so excited to meet her.




Please email me with any curiosities:

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of heart-forward people.
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