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Calling to the Deep: My Interview with Kristen Kalp

My first email to Kristen Kalp included a (marriage) proposal.  It’s just kinda how I roll when I love you: emphatic and optimistic plans to be friends forever.

But I digress.

Kristen is my go-to for no-bullshit, soul-infused, get-shit-done creative business strategy, and has birthed Calling to the Deep, a book-turned-69-day intensive (did someone say ‘sixty-nine’?) about doing the work that scares you, every damn day.


Calling to the Deep
You really, really want to do this.

She recently interviewed me as one of several interviews included in the program, in which we unearth the mysterious “mind fuck,” talk about my mini-me incarnation as Eckart Tolle and why living the life you want is as simple (or difficult) as following clues from the Divine.

You can listen to the interview here.

And this Friday, September 4th at 3pm (Pacific), you can join us in a live Spreecast, where we’ll be cheers-ing with champagne (it’s kinda our thing), talking about why you really really cannot not do the thing that scares you and how Kristen rocks the solar plexus like a boss.

Starting September 14th, I’ll be joining Calling to the Deep and doing the work that scares me.

You guys, I’m finally going to start
writing that book.


It took being asked, “What is the thing you’re most scared to that would make you really really happy?” to get me to agree to do this, so while you’re in the intensive (and believe me, you want to be), know that I, too, will be facing my demons and sitting my ass down to crank out the stories that have been burning me alive from within.

Listen, Kristen Kalp knows what she’s doing.  Here’s what she said to me in an email recently:

“People will whine about money and time, and you can say that there are ways to make $1,000 at the end of every chapter, and that 20 minutes a day is all it takes, and sometimes being busy means you actually get way more done, because there’s no room for procrastination.”


This is a woman you want on your side.  Tune in and show up.  You’ll be glad you did.


Sometimes, the internet gods are not on your side.  We abandoned the Spreecast ship due to technical clusterfuckage, and hopped onto a conference call,
which you can listen to here.  

(Proof that real life wins over preparation and planning.)



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