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Daughters of the Moon | The Moon’s Phases in Astrology & Story

Daughters of the Moon | Morgan Loves You

The Moon’s phases in astrology and story



Moon Phases Astrology Class | Morgan Loves You

The Moon’s monthly rhythms have long been linked with the cycles of women, nature and the changing Earth.

Each phase of the Moon also reveals to us the constantly-renewing life of a woman: she is a maiden, she is a mother & she is a crone.

In astrology, the phase of the Moon under which we were born speaks to the Soul’s evolution, cycles of lifetimes, and the actions which bear the fruit of this life.


Here’s a peek at what the Full Moon says:

“Often in people born under a Full Moon, this polarity between the conscious and unconscious is felt.  There is a noticeable pull toward both externalizing ourselves and going within to discover who we really are.  Both the unconscious and conscious energies are strong during this phase of the Moon — and for a person born under this phase — and thus, there can be resistance to this polarity.”




In this follow-the-moon, PDF course you’ll lean into the myths and stories of the women who wear the face of each phase of the Moon, linking arms with sister Moon to understand our own stories and personal myth.  Each of the eight phases of the Moon will be explored with story, practices and astrological context in which to birth the gifts of the many women inside each of us.

When we let the Moon guide us, the lessons help create natural ceremony and intentionality with the wisdom of the lunar cycles.



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