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Dead Hearts Club EP 15: Dose of DHC.

In previous episodes, we’ve laid into a theme and massaged it from head to toe, but today with this sweet, short episode, we’re giving you just a Dose of DHC: sharing real-time examples from our own lives of how we’re doing life the DHC way, in the moment. We’re also inviting you to share your own stories of DHC living with us, and for the first time, we’re answering a listener question — because ultimately, Dead Hearts Club is about the ways our vulnerability creates connection, when it would be easier to just not do the hard thing, share the tender truth, and be seen in all that raw, unguarded glory.

Join us — and then connect with us on Instagram @deadhearts.club, or send us an email at deadheartsclubpodcast@gmail.com to share your experiences of living the DHC way. We want to know how you’re taking these conversations into your own lives, and maybe more than that, how you’re stepping into the ring with your own vulnerable heart. We’d love to hear from you.

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healingHelloS O M A T I C / T H E R A P Yguided mushroom journey boulder co