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Dead Hearts Club EP 02: The Jed Journey.

I think we all consider ourselves conscious, emotionally intelligent humans around here, but what happens when the rubber meets the road and you and your very good friend end up interested in the same guy? And one of you already has a history with said guy?


If you listened to our first episode, you know that we unpacked a lot as we upturned our personal narratives and really committed to Dead Hearts Club as a way of living, but in this episode, Bria and I share an experience that asked us to dig deep.

Where is the intersection between being the ride-or-die friend we all want and deserve, and honoring your own inner directives — even if they’re hurtful to someone you love? How do you draw healthy, loving boundaries? How do you make sure you’re not using “personal truth” as a spiritual bypass, and actually creating harm in your relationships? What’s the difference between intention vs impact?

And what about co-dependence in friendship? We’re used to talking about codependence in romantic partnerships, but does it show up in other intimate relationships, too? And how do you know you’re in a childhood-trauma-induced spiral and making someone you love the ‘bad guy’…?

Is it possible to recover from something that takes you so far out of your comfort zone + what you thought you could withstand together? Is it possible to stay present to conflicting truths and desires, without really knowing if you want to salvage the relationship at all?

And, most importantly: What’s possible if you’re willing to chuck everything you thought you knew about intimacy in friendship, and forge new pathways to connection and truth-telling? This is the super complicated landscape we explore in this episode.

AMAZINGLY we’ve already heard from some of you about your own incredibly vulnerable stories of heart-exploding proportion, and we’re excited to share some of them on future episodes. Send us a DM on Instagram @deadhearts.club or leave us a review (and subscribing!) Apple podcasts, Spotify and Stitcher.

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Thank you! We hope you love this episode.

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healingHelloS O M A T I C / T H E R A P Yguided mushroom journey boulder co