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Dead Hearts Club EP 04: Online dating hellfire. (With Consciousness.)

How do you act vulnerably (and hold yourself in personal integrity) when dealing with strangers from the internet? In this episode of Dead Hearts Club, we hit record during a conversation about the murky landscape of online dating from the DHC lens. This is real talk: we’re talking catfishing (and blowfish?), how to get through online dating app hellfire as a sensitive, conscious dater, ghosting and attachment styles in dating. We start playfully, but end up getting vulnerable with our personal stories and questions about what it means to “come on too strong,” and we merge personal development, consciousness, and simply being human with a light-hearted approach that genuinely explores the difference between falling into ourselves and falling toward someone else when there’s a possibility of connection. Lean in, we’re going there!

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healingHelloS O M A T I C / T H E R A P Yguided mushroom journey boulder co