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Dead Hearts Club Ep 07: This Is Healing.

Here are some words by Scott Stabile that I came across recently:

And then my sorrow whispered to me…
I am not here to crush you.
I have not come for your hope.
I only want you to feel the deep
pain of our world so that you will
love everyone in it that much more.

So, can we all just agree that it’s time to give “love and light” a flaming viking funeral farewell, and be done with the spiritual bypass…? If nothing else, 2020 taught us that we can’t bypass ANYTHING if we’re going to actually heal.

So what is healing? As Bria and I roam around in our spiritual and emotional arsenals to bring you these episodes, we dip into some pretty existential waters reveling in what Dead Hearts Club is actually about — and not all of it makes the cut in our episodes. 

But recently, we were talking about our own journeys through real-time healing, and realized that how we each approach the healing process as individuals informs basically everything we do and are creating in our personal lives — and in the land of DHC.

In this episode, we explore the question: Who Are We Really? How do we feel that core essence of Self without bypassing all the human reality?  And when that buts up against some combination of trauma and story, labels and narrative…? How do you know which is the most reliable captain for your healing ship at any given time? What version of ourselves are we reaching for as our personal definition of “healing”? Who (or what) in us carries us toward an experience of healing that tells healing is taking root?

This is an emotional, very personal episode, as we invited one of my clients to share with us her experience and story, and we explore the labels of “mental illness,” depression, and the reality of the kind of pain that makes you want to disappear into it. There is a bit of a trigger warning, here, and we also want you to know how vital not hiding from these topics is to us, because being in the middle of healing — which is where we all are, in some shape or form — is honest. 

It’s a dance between our dirty, gritty, wounded, beautiful human lives, and the aspect of us all that is intrinsically…. whole. It’s an agreement to not stand divided against ourselves.

Honorable mentions + resources in this episode:

+ John Welwood, his book Love and Awakening and the term ‘spiritual bypass’
+ Carolyn Myss’ book Anatomy of the Spirit and the concept of Woundology
+ Brené Brown and how you can’t selectively repress emotions
+ Embody Dance by Nadia Munla
+ Somatic Experiencing founded by Peter Levine
+ Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness, by David Treleaven
+ Nick Werber and his work with Family Constellations and Focalizing for working somatically
+ Bria’s powerful experience with Network Spinal Analysis
+ Morgan’s work as a transpersonal hypnotherapist (thanks Bria and Laura!) which you can find more about here and here, and also Morgan’s personal Instagram, and as mentioned in the outro, the link to subscribe to Morgan’s daily(ish) video series, Emotional Sobriety

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