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HYPNOTHERAPY | Transpersonal hypnotherapy, regression therapy & past life regression in Southern California.

Hello, you.


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Who:  Morgan Wade

Where:  Southern California + Online

What: Writing / Teaching / Coaching / Attempted Badassery + some pictures 

Why:  We’re here to remember how holy we are, to know the sweetness of our beings, and to create generously & bravely.  I believe every choice is a mini miracle — an act of creation that, when made from a place of deep listening and spiritual centered-ness (is that a word?), brings us play-by-play closer to who we’re meant to be in this life.  It’s the greatest source of power — and connection — we have: with ourselves, with one another, and with the Divine.

Astrologically:  Pisces sun, Cancer moon, Libra rising.

Spirit animal:  Elk (Update: I’ve been channeling Buffalo more recently.)

First word:  “Moon.”

As a child, I wanted to be:  A figure skater (for the sparkles and flying, obviously).

Surprise life-changing moment:  Missing a train at the crack of dawn in Venice, Italy.

Weird Vice:  Office supplies.

Animated hero:  Captain Planet.

I excel at:  playlists for solo dance parties


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healingHelloS O M A T I C / T H E R A P Yguided mushroom journey boulder co