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I Heart Saturn 2015


Reclaiming Inner Authority
[October 19th – November 20th]


AboutOnline Astrology Class | Morgan Loves You

There’s a scene in The Lion King where one of the mean ol’ hyenas says the name “Mufasa” and everyone shudders.  In astrology, that name is Saturn.

(Say it again, say it again!) 

In this 5 week class, we’ll peel back the layers of the oft-misunderstood Lord of Karma.  As we move toward Saturn’s season (Saturnalia, the festival of shaking off old chains and constraints of the year, falls on Winter Solstice), it’s a time for taking stock, and looking back at the stories from which we’ve been living in order to create a new one — the story of us at the Center of our autonomy and inner authority.

Pain is a totally reliable and trust-worthy teacher, but in life, suffering is optional.  We find this most often to be true when the scripts we’ve been acting from find us handing over our power to what is outside ourselves.

Saturn’s gifts in the natal chart are the cold hard lessons about how we author our lives, to whom or what we give our power away, and the necessity of re-structuring our belief systems to serve us (not scare us).

Saturn is the planet of inner author-ity.


Week One: A Story of SovereigntyOnline Astrology Class on Saturn | Morgan Loves You

In the first week of our class, we’ll look at Saturn in myth and archetype to understand the origins of Saturn’s symbolism in the birth chart.  We’ll look at how this great teacher functions in our psyche, as well as the body, and talk about why light matters when it comes to the soul’s evolution.

Week Two: Exploring Dignity

In our second week, we’ll discuss Saturn as it ‘behaves’ in each of the signs of the zodiac, what Saturn’s sign placement in your birth chart might say about your earliest experiences with authority and limitation, as well as the lessons imbued in each of the zodiacal archetypes.

Week Three: Playing House

Week three will find us through the houses of the birth chart — an especially important exploration when it comes to understanding where the stories of limitation play out in our lives.  Most importantly, we’ll empower ourselves with tools to rewrite the script and author more supportive beliefs about ourselves.

Week Four: A-spectacle!

Saturn (and its watchful eye) is having conversations with every part of us: these conversations between planets are called aspects.  In week four, we’ll zoom out and look at the birth chart as a whole to see where limiting beliefs are spilling over, trying to offer structure & boundary, or maybe being a bit of a buzzkill.  (Saturn is good at that.)  We’ll look at these conversations from a place of compassion and empowerment for your divinely-chosen life.

Week Five: Saturn Cycles

There’s the natal chart… and then there’s the cosmos-in-motion, play by play, in our daily lives.  Saturn moves in distinct cycles that seem to have profound effects on us, offering transformation through hard-won lessons and de-stabilizing our inner structures — so that new, better, well-serving structures can be born!  In week five, we’ll talk about Saturn transits and how to ride the waves.


Class material will be delivered three times a week and include written content, videos and weekly live Q & A time to ask questions and gain clarity.

Note: you will need to know your exact birth date, time and location in order to get the most out of this class.
(The usual format is: March 29, 1974 at 3:23pm in Madison, Wisconsin.
If you don’t know the exact time, no problem!  There is still a ton of good information for you here.)

Open to:Online Astrology Class Saturn | Morgan Loves You

  • Men & Women
  • A bit of working knowledge of astrology is helpful, but not required



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“On the longest night
we search for the light,
And we find it deep within.
Open your eyes
to embrace what is wise,
And see the light of your own soul shining.”

– Lisa Thiel



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