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My Philosophy


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Wild; adj.: occurring, growing or living in a natural state.

It is a blessedly simple thing:
Love, pure openness, pure awareness.
It is our Original Nature.
From this place of openness, anything can arise
and be welcomed as part of the path of loving.


MY PHILOSOPHYPsychological Astrologer Portland OR

I believe the longing for deep intimacy in romantic relationship is a message from the part of us that remembers we are Divine.  It is a call to action from Spirit; it is the thing that challenges us most, and which inspires us toward our greatest becoming.

By elevating the part of ourselves that is human beyond the realm of the intellect, where fear, blame & reaction often seek to recreate or react to predicted & presumed attacks from what is outside us.  The ability to be fully present with ourselves — to gaze into the eyes of the wounded inner child within us — creates a boundless compassion for our own suffering, and the ability to be fully present, responsive & wise within relationship.  Slowly, this allows us to bear the suffering of our Beloveds, and the world.

What lies at the core of our work with the Shadow is our ability to meet the unspeakable in ourselves with fierce love.  We truly are the medicine we seek, precisely because we are so intimately connected to the terror of being hurt, abandoned, unseen and un-met.  Shadow work is the celebration of the cycles of life — the death of beliefs, patterns and mental constructs that keep us afraid and isolated, and the glorious rebirth of spiritual wisdom, trust and sovereignty.

At the core of feminine spirituality is that which acknowledges and honors the cycles of things.  This underworld-seeking and return to our wild selves is the return to our Nature.  As women, we are Love, in all its fierce, devoted forms.


HOWPortland OR Astrologer

We change our lives by engaging in a process that helps us remember that the beliefs, patterns of communication, and fear that block our natural flow, joy and abundance are not us.

  • By using guided meditation, body scanning and re-parenting the inner child, we form embodied experiences of acceptance and safety.
  • By aligning our actions with our values, we develop innate trust in ourselves.
  • By bringing attention to the relationship we have with ourselves, we gain direct insight into the way we form and keep relationships with others.

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I work with deep women who want to feel more intimately connected with their partners and with themselves; women who are ready to own their Knowing.  Because a relationship can only become as intimate as each person in a partnership is willing & capable of becoming with themselves, your current relationship status doesn’t matter as much as your willingness to be transformed by your longing to be in communion with yourself.  I work with women who know there is a calling from the soul to be more fully integrated into the waking world.


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