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Ritualizing Work.

Creating a Work Space Altar


I am literally living out of my office.  I am sleeping on the hard, hard floor.  It’s not because I’m a bad-ass, or married to my i-Products.  This is how I’m choosing to live right now: in deep communion with that which supports me: sacred space, work that nourishes me, and a promise to make myself proud during a time of massive upheaval and a bigbigbig launch for a project I’ve been working on for months.

Every waking moment, my work space/altar is spread out before me, waiting.  The candles are burning constantly.  I smudge, burn palo santo and spray a Roman Chamomile mist I made countless times a day.  I say a prayer every time I sit down at my desk.  (I get up and move around a lot while I work, so I say a lot of prayers.)

I lovingly wipe dust from the keys of my typewriter, and stroke the soft ears of señor Fox.  I say thank you every time I feel my breath catching in my chest.  I write in pink pen if I want to feel extra juicy about something I’m writing.


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But most importantly, I’ve seen that making a ritual out of work gives it more meaning.  I am connected to the process of creation more than the product this way — understanding that things are touched by the wise hands of magic before they become what they will become.

My body relaxes in a huge way after I get off a client call, or I’ve written something, or recorded a meditation; being creative — every single day — moves energy around in my body in ways that only sex or yoga usually do.  I’ve come to understand that this is because this energy — the creative fire — is the very lifeblood of the Feminine Spirit.


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Creation culls the necessary from the unnecessary, and gives weigh to the cycles of death and regeneration; nothing can be created without some energy being transmuted into something that was previously not in existence.  It is a process of bringing a feeling function, an intuition, a whisper from the sparkling ether into manifest form, be it a piece of writing, a tender conversation, music, or a dance.

In ritual, as in prayer, we honor the enigmatic breath of life that moves through us, acting as inspiration and longing, a call to us from the other side so that we may become who we are meant to become.


On my altar:

  • fox pelt & deer antlers (both smudged for purifying any remnant icky energy); for moving easily between realms & for gentleness and grace)
  • my Reiki pendulum, wrapped in dollars (to purify & charge both with the energy of abundance)
  • candles (for the symbolic transmutation of energy/alchemy)
  • pyrite (for grounding & protecting the auric field)
  • black kyanite (for clearing blocked energies in the body, especially the root chakra)
  • amazonite (for opening the heart & promoting harmonious, compassionate communication)
  • an apophyillite point (for inner focus & charging the body and environment with high-frequency light energy)
  • a wooden carving of a man & woman wrapped in embrace (to remind me to be rooted in longing for sacred communion, yet that my search for it is my own; the carving is from a solo backpacking trip in Assisi)


 {all images © Morgan Wade}

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