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White Hot Hunger

Some time back, I found myself in a Reiki practitioner training.  You’ll know what I mean when I say I “found myself” there by recalling anything in your own life that you easily slipped into while riding the coat tails of a gut feeling, and recognized that it introduced you to a part of yourself that has since become essential to your evolution.

You kind of literally found yourself.

Reiki attunements are infamous for making you sick: raising your vibration means old stuff gets flushed out.  While this happens on an energetic level, the bodily manifestation is what we experience as dis-ease: colds, fever, illnesses, headaches, etc. — all messengers of the blockages to living fully.

My messenger was Strep Throat.  And though I managed to naturally heal myself of Strep (no antibiotics, thankyouverymuch), for the next four months, as if by clockwork, my throat issues flared up and I got sick again.  Relating to myself as an energetic being meant that I knew this wasn’t a coincidence: my body was trying to tell me something.

It was at the tail end of a major bout of throat stuff that my teacher dropped the motherload truth bomb on me:

It is no longer an option to not be who you are.  
Hiding is hurting you.  


The thing is: we’re all healers.  Because we are all energetic beings, we all have the gift of Intuition, and we all have the ability to listen and to follow the instructions we receive from Higher Knowing.

That was the start of a new way of relating to not just my physical body, but my energetic body.  I wasn’t just getting sick because it was winter in the Pacific Northwest — I was getting sick because I was afraid, and my fear was paralyzing me.  I was afraid to align my personal will with the will of the Divine and my greater life purpose: core throat chakra issues.

Maybe you know the feeling?  Your body is talking to you. (Chronic pain, anyone?  Bouts of anxiety?)  Your heart leaps at the thought of doing the thing you’d love to do, but the bastard of Doubt prods, “Who do you think you are?”

You want to live from an open heart, but are afraid of being so raw.
You want to forgive (or maybe you don’t), but the wounds are just so deep.
You want to make a creative living for yourself, but don’t know where to start.

You’re hungry to connect with the part of yourself that’s bigger than you, that Knows and is not afraid.  Maybe you’re hungry to know why it feels like there’s something you’re missing — something bigger, more light-filled, and powerful….


Chakra Healing Online Courses | Morgan Loves You


I created White Hot Hunger for YOU, out of a process of creating it for myself — because the longing that calls our names is a hunger; it is spiritual hunger of the highest order, and it means awakening to our power to heal our lives from the inside out.

Registration is open.  No more hiding.


A joyful life is trying to find you.




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