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Tennessee Whiskey Club


you are a badass at making money


A change of mind can change your life.


Tennessee Whiskey Club | Morgan Wade Life CoachingThe Tennessee Whiskey Club was born in 2016 out of a desire to gather folks around the fire of two truths:

1) You’re a divine manifestation of a loving, creative universe.
2) You’re a human (which can feel kinda really hard sometimes).


We don’t need more reasons to self-loathe or fuel the Suck
Train that is an unfulfilling life; we need an energetic cattle prod in the shape of a connected, trusting relationship with our Highest Selves, brought to you by your bestest friend: Intuition.

Under no circumstances are you allowed to drive asleep at the wheel of your life.



What does whiskey have to do with anything?

Absolutely nothing.  Other than, technically, whiskey is a solution — and we ’bout to find some.



Let’s be honest: we’re all going to die. Tennessee Whiskey Club | Morgan Wade Life Coach Your life deserves to be lived as authentically as possible.  As the magical
creature you are, and as long as you have even a smidgen of awareness about the kind of life that would set your panties ablaze, you are duty-bound to respond to your desires as though they are the call of a  life that is joyously, badassedly yours.

It’s time to tell the broken records playing in the background of your mind that, while you are very grateful for their diligent support all these years, it’s time to please shut up.


(Simply put: It’s time to turn your excuses into your bitches.)




This month, we’re talking about MONEY.

That’s right, my future ballers: What your blocks are to receiving it, why you ain’t got none (or why you ain’t got as much as you want), why your thoughts are your worst enemy (for now), and how to (f’real this time) give a viking funeral to the habits and beliefs that keep you feeling like “money” is a dirty word.


Each week you’ll get:

1 lesson, delivered via video

(this will include an assignment and/or meditation for you to work with)

1 group coaching call

(recorded for you to reference later)


You’ll also get unlimited access to a private Facebook group, each other, and me — but the group coaching call is where the money (literally) is: showing up and claiming what you want by your actions is what alerts the Universe that you are not messing around about your desires.

This is four weeks that could seriously change your money game, by understanding that money is not only the currency with which you create your life, but an energy you can harness.


Let’s do this.


Membership is $39.00 for the month

Online Meditation Group | Morgan Loves You

[Our next session starts May 1st, 2017!]

Believe it: You aren’t insane to want a rich life.
Time to prove it to yourself.

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