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White Hot Hunger

White Hot Hunger

The Soul Knows

[Spring 2016]


AboutOnline Chakra Course | Morgan Loves You

What mystics, astrologers, yogis & quantum physicists have known for centuries is that the material world is the last stage of manifestation — everything that takes shape in our lives is born first in energy.

Each of the seven major chakras contain biological and spiritual prescriptions that, when followed, heal us from the root up.  During our seven weeks together (one for each chakra), we’ll explore:

  1. The Power of a Divinely-Chosen Life

  2. Creativity as an Act of Devotion

  3. Intuition & its Link to Self-Esteem

  4. Woundology & the Empowered Heart

  5. Faith, Fear and the Harmony Between Head & Heart

  6. Health as a Peaceful Mind

  7. Spiritual Crisis and Surrender to Spirit


We’ll also dive into:

  • Where the chakras are located (hint: they’re not where you think they are!) & which parts of the body (both energetic & physical) they influence
  • The rule of multiplicity & the many-layered Self
  • How to tune into your personal “home frequency” & feel your own energy field
  • Astrological insights on how the chakras correspond to certain centers of energy in the solar system


For each of us,

there is a yet-lived life

waiting in the wings.


Online Chakra E Course | Morgan Loves You

We know it because we ache for it, every day, almost unconsciously.  It’s the life that Spirit is calling on us to live.

The longing that calls our names is a hunger —  spiritual hunger of the highest order.

Every choice we make is an act of creation, and on an unfathomably deep level, our choices are guided by what we believe, think and feel — and by the quality of energy we are drawing from to make our choices.

By regarding every choice we make as an energetic investment — including the thoughts we think and the beliefs we hold — we align our lives with one of two things:

Faith or Fear.

Both yield results, and our lives show us where we have invested our energy most consistently.

By aligning our choices with what our spirits call forth, we manifest — from the inside out — the lives we are meant to live.  Who we think we are is nothing compared to who we already are in the eyes of the Divine.

What if we do know?

What if we’re not afraid?

What if we act from Faith (and tell Fear to suck it)?

Who could we be?

What could life look like then?


A joyful life is trying to find you.





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