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We’ve been playing by a lot of rules that aren’t ours.  We don’t (usually) lead ourselves astray knowingly; from an early age, we’re spongy, perceptive beings attuned to survival, so we play along.  At some point, though, we become more interested in expansion.

For every fearful old record playing, there is an opportunity; everything is a vehicle for unmistakable transformation when we’re willing to give ourselves the gift of freedom.

Belief holds tremendous energy, and while we can’t undo these well-worn patterns by white-knuckling it, the nature of energy is that once you see it clearly, it starts to move.

Everything is energy; learning how to observe your energetic inheritance with clarity and compassion gives you a chance to move it — and clear room for truth.

Your job — your only job — is to identify your inexorable truth, and express that truth with the full extent of your being, in everything you do, and every choice you make.  This is the shape of spiritual integrity — and it leads to a life of meaning, purposeful work, profound intimacy in relationships, and the fluidity of a body at home in itself.  Everything worth having flows from the wellspring of a clear and clean energetic system.

Which means we gotta do some vibrational housekeeping.



I love simple. I have two options:


Morgan Wade Transpersonal CoachingMorgan Wade Transpersonal Coaching




UnStuck Yourself | Soul Coaching Southern California


With Option 1, we’ll meet via a private Zoom room, and you’ll get a recording of our call, where I’ll give you loads of tools and exercises you can use to flesh things out and get you moving toward your highest integrity.

With Option 2, you’ll fill out an application and we’ll schedule a short call so we can jam about what our work together will look like, and so we can check in to ensure we’re both feeling it click.


Click Connect above and get your
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UnFuck Yourself | Soul Coaching Southern California

Morgan Wade Transpersonal Coaching

There’s a lot of promises floating around out there in the world.  Honestly, it’s overwhelming.  But this is DIFFERENT.  Morgan is absolutely no BS, a fiercely tender warrior for YOUR truth.  I don’t think I really even knew what truth felt like in my own body until I worked with Morgan, but then I knew I’d been feeling it my whole life.  She showed me how to GENTLY follow my integrity, and it’s changed everything: the way I earn money, the way I make love, how I feed myself and how I create and set goals.  More than anything, it’s SUSTAINABLE, and it’s opened up my own wisdom to serve me in incredible ways.

– Yali, Queensland, Australia

• • •

Morgan very gently holds a mirror for you to clearly see exactly what is going on, and cuts down to the truth. It’s magical. Every word delivered serves a purpose, and that purpose is to give me enough space and encouragement to realize that I am my own compass, and I can follow my truth and intuition to safety.

Coming off of one of these sessions is like being in a new reality, people comment on how calm and centered I seem. Although I always ugly-cry practically the whole way through a session, I am always feeling more in my truth, more connected to myself and others, and just so full of love.

I can’t ever say enough how special Morgan’s gift truly is. She will see you clearly, hear you clearly, and love you gently.  I am learning how to treat myself the same way. There are not enough words to express how much this woman has changed my life just by letting me be me — un-tangled, un-afraid.

– Jessica, Arizona, USA

• • •

What you see is what you get with Morgan.  She’s the real deal, equal parts sailor mouth and wisdom keeper, and if you’ve never known how free you could feel, this is the woman who can show you. She will take you there.  She is unafraid.  She’s been to the dungeon and back, and now she holds the light.

– N, California, USA 

• • •

She’s like talking to God, but with a California girl accent.  This is spiritual alchemy.  

– Pam, Florida, USA


UnFuck Yourself | Soul Coaching Southern California

Transpersonal Coaching Qualifications


Un-Fuck Yourself | Morgan Wade Coaching

1. I’m human
2. See #1


Need more?

I was maybe six or seven years old.  It was morning, and the pink afghan my mother crocheted was heavy on my small body.  I was staring at the wall — standard for my young mornings — when I suddenly became aware of… my presence.

I existed, but I was remarkably separate from myself — thoughts and feelings still happening in rapid succession, but I was merely watching them.  What, then, was this other space I now inhabited that was not my body or the rapid-firings of my mind?

It took a long time to unpack that experience, but it never left me. Time carried on.  I survived childhood, learning how to unearth myself from the generational debris of depression, anxiety, co-dependence, poverty, and PTSD.

I became a seeker in the deepest sense.  I was not like my peers, but wanted badly to be more like them than like myself.

Un-Fuck Yourself | Morgan WadeI entered college, studied psychology and mysticism, began the long journey of meditation practice, and traveled to Ireland, where I lived into my 20s, embarking on a study of Buddhist Psychology.

I returned to the States to work in non-profit mental health with severely emotionally disturbed youth.  I dove in deep with the neuropsychology of trauma, and studied with Bruce Perry and Dan Siegel.  It opened the door to my interest in Affective Neuroscience (NERD ALERT): the neurobiology of emotion and connection.  All this while watching the children I worked with, and the adults who parented them, and the imprints of emotional inheritance play out in heartbreakingly predictable ways. I worked diligently with these traumatized youth to somehow introduce mindfulness to the juvenile justice system.

I underwent years of individual therapy, which helped some to digest latent anger and abandonment patterns.  And then I found yoga, and I tore down my entire life.

Looking back, I can see those were my first tactile experiences with moving energy — not that I knew it at the time.  But in retrospect, every clarity I’d been avoiding came gurgling to the surface: I called off my wedding, moved into a cabin in the woods, and spent the next several years army-crawling toward my 30s, in search of whatever was truest and hardest to avoid, until I was completely, utterly exhausted.  Fun times included a house fire, and a brief stint in homelessness (though they were unrelated).


Spiritual Life Coaching Morgan Wade

Life went on.

It finally shifted one humid morning sitting outside, as I listened to the desert doves cooing.  I’m sure I had dirty hair.  And who can say why, but I finally understood that either I could use what had happened to me, or it would use me.

I don’t know a single person who’s ever made a step in the direction of their healing without making this very same decision.  If we want to live — really live — in the warmth of the sun and in a body that can trust its natural unfolding, we have to trust we’re more than what has hurt us.

That morning in my childhood bed was my first indication that my spirit — in fact, EVERYONE’S spirit — holds court for their highest vibration and truest expression.  We are never without comfort.

My capacity for seeing and holding a mirror up to this guiding force is different than empathy; where an empath feels-as-if-it’s-real (for them), I help ease you into the truth of your feelings, and the messages they hold for your expansion.


I’ll preach this until my dying day:

Once you can see something clearly, it can no longer control you.


Over the last several years in my work as a Reiki practitioner, meditation guide and transpersonal coach, I’ve seen that the subtle energies we hold in our bodies are very, very real and do more to influence our behavior and beliefs than we’d like to think.  If we want to be in the world (and you do, because: HELLO WIFI) loving, creating, raising children and living out your purpose, then you’ve got to discover what’s true, and then live it — no exceptions.

I want to live in the world, not OM-ing myself into oblivion in a cave somewhere — and that means I want to be surrounded by people who live from the powerful integrity of their BEING.

When you set yourself free from your wounding, you give
everyone else around you permission to do the same.


It’s my absolute highest integrity to be an agent for freedom and the profound love that transforms and heals once you know that this — without exception — is what you are.

UnStuck Yourself | Soul Coaching Southern California
Transpersonal Life Coach


Before you go, please remember:

Compassion is the highest paying work there is.


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