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Your Mission,

(whether or not you choose to accept it):

To love yourself fully.
No holding back.
It will change lives (yours and everyone around you).


Start simple.

One night, I was on the road, driving to a wee bookstore to gift myself a new book of poetry.  A song I love came on, and I started car-dancing, per usual.  During the second or so verse, I realized that actually, this was a love song to myself.  Or at least it could be, if I wanted it to be.  (I listenedd to it again all the way through just to make sure.)

My eyes welled with tears.  I put my (free) hand over my heart (I was still driving) and sang to myself at the top of my lungs.

It was a revelation: I could have a romance with myself.  I made a playlist.  I put it on when I really need to be someone’s best everything.  And I try to remember that there is always the choice to be that:

Someone’s best everything.  (Mine.)  Not because I’m perfect, but because I am.


Try it:  Find a (love) song you love, one that makes your wistful heart swoon.  And then turn that shit back on yourself, and melt.  And if you’re feelin’ it, share your song in the comments below.  I’d love to hear which songs get your heart pitter-patterin’!


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