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Beyond the Sun: E-Course


[A Very Cool Online Astrology Course]

August 10th – September 4th, 2015


AboutOnline Astrology Course | www.morganlovesyou.com

Step beyond the pop culture of Sun sign horoscopes and zodiacal stereotypes.  This is a SUPER fun four-week course for those looking to more deeply understand key components of their natal chart (or be introduced to their chart for the first time!).   The chart can help unlock questions about how we see, love, express & seek soul satisfaction in life.

Course is limited to 13 participants.  Each participant will be given a natal chart with all pertinent information covered in the course, as well as receiving one-on-one time in order to ask questions and gain clarification.

Course material will be delivered thrice a week (that’s three times) via PDF, video, audio recordings & journal prompts.  We’ll gather live through Spreecast to ask questions and synthesize the material with the help of your circle of other learners.  All live class material will be recorded for later viewing.



Open to

  • Men & Women
  • No experience with astrology is necessary.  All levels are welcome, but the course is especially suited for beginners.


All participants must obtain verifiable & accurate birth information (as in a birth certificate) prior to class start, including birth date/time/location, such as:
born April 27th, 1974 at 6:21pm in Toronto, Canada 


Week 1: Live by the SunOnline Astrology Course | www.morganlovesyou.com

As is the case with all life on Earth, the vitality of our inner being — the quality of our essential life force — comes from the Sun.  Its placement in our natal chart at the time we were born brought alive the quality of light of the season in us.  This light-quality acts through us, modifying our own inner light.  The Sun is the luminous guide post by which we consciously move through the world.  Far beyond popular horoscopic stereotypes of the Sun signs, the Sun’s placement in our birth chart speaks to us & expresses itself through us, illuminating all we see, touch and seek to express.


Week 2: Love by the MoonOnline Astrology Course | www.morganlovesyou.com

In astrology, the moon is representative of the unyielding feminine within us; she is instinct.  Where the Sun may point to that which we are consciously evoking and moving toward, the Moon whispers the songs of the unconscious.  She is memory, she is our inherent wildness.  And most intriguing of all: she guides us to an understanding of the way we love & seek to be loved — and where we may unconsciously block our own flow.  In the second week, we’ll look with loving eyes at our Moon signs (and the phase of the moon under which we were born!  FUN!) and what they show us about the instinctual lover within us.


Week 3: True North

Each natal chart has contained within it a blueprint of a soul’s greatest unfolding.  In the third week, we peek at the placement of the nodes of the Moon in your natal chart (the points where the orbits of the Sun & Moon intersect).  By doing so, we gain vital insight into where we are coming from on the level of the soul, and also where we are going.  The nodes speak to our evolutionary direction — the past and future of our development — and can give an enticing perspective on who we are here to become in this life.


Week 4: Elemental LoveOnline Astrology Course | www.morganlovesyou.com

Earth, Air, Fire, Water.  The Four Elements.  Each has a distinct constitution, motion, need and expression.  In week 4, we’ll zoom way out on the whole natal chart to calculate our overall elemental constitution in order that we might understand better what motivates, inspires and harmonizes with our basic nature.  Our elemental constitution can say much about what fuels our desire, what we seek to create & the compelling rhythm to which our hearts beat.  Elemental excesses & deficiencies will also be explored in order to offer balance and alchemical wholeness.



You are the Universe
expressing itself as human
for a little while.

– Eckhart Tolle


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