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Everything we ever learned about love and attachment is stored in our bodies.


We experience the giving and receiving love only as safely as our biology will allow.


By healing our nervous systems, we come to understand what prevents our intimate relationships from thriving, and begin to restore trust and safety with ourselves, our partners and with Love itself.


The journey toward intimate relationship as a sacred path is the most transformative undertaking of our lives.

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We receive our blueprint for secure, loving attachment from our biology. We are wired for connection.


From birth on, many of us repeatedly survive experiences that tell our nervous systems who we have to be (or not be) in order to be loved, and what we have to do self-preserve to avoid abandonment, punishment, being rejected or shamed.


The result is often a confusing, painful replay of our earliest childhood attachment wounds as we attempt to heal the dynamics that continue to stir up chaos in our intimate lives.


I specialize in helping couples and individuals deepen their capacity for intimacy through somatic healing, attachment repair and the release of trauma from deep within the nervous system.

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theloving kind
The Loving Kind is a podcast featuring heart-centered,
trauma-informed guidance about intimacy and attachment
as a unified, healing force.

02. returning to the cage to find a better way out.

Unravel the emotional calcifications that relational trauma leaves in its wake, and the art of grieving well.

01. what is a trauma-informed sacred relationship?

How can couples co-emerge as sovereign, deeply responsible lovers with shared and reciprocal capacity?

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Welcome to the show! Come explore how we can build a bridge from wound to devotion in our most sacred relationships.


I'm Morgan Wade, a somatic healing practitioner and breathwork facilitator specializing in attachment repatterining and nervous system repair for couples and individuals.


I combine the science of relational healing with esoteric wisdom gleaned from more than a decade of working in the fields of relational healing, somatic therapy and sexual polarity.


We are here to help you nurture your authentic presence, vulnerability and radiance, by restoring relationship to your heart and body, so that Love can preside and healing can take root in your most cherished relationships.

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