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The Loving Kind: Trailer.

the loving kind podcast with morgan wade

Romantic relationships can be life-affirming — and terrifying. We want to experience intimacy as a reciprocal, deeply dependable dance — but what about when someone in the room is triggered AF and that person is us? Or the partner we adore? It can be really difficult to move into communion — our traumas, sneaky little (or big) addictions and our unconscious fears of intimacy can get in there and sabotage what might otherwise be relationships that have the power to heal, transform and connect us to more of who we really are — with and without the object of our desire.

…Because that’s the trick, isn’t it? Not to become impervious to love, not to NOT NEED one another, but to somehow create an inner sanctuary of stability and self-affirming compassionate regard for ourselves… that we actually have the bandwidth to withstand not just the powerfully intense moments of connection and intimacy that devotional love can bring us — but also the ragged, shadowy, terrifying triggers: fears of abandonment *and* disappearing into one another (that seem to exist simultaneously)… so that we can experience the thing we want most out of our relationships: love and desire as a unified, healing force.

I’m Morgan Wade, I’m a somatic healing practitioner, and we’re exploring how we can build a bridge from wound to devotion in our most sacred relationships. What might it be like to choose partners from this place, and connect with the partners we already have from within dynamics that are healing, and playful and passionate…?

I truly believe: “Love is the universal solvent.” Let’s talk about it.

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healingHelloS O M A T I C / T H E R A P Yguided mushroom journey boulder co