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women are beautiful relational creatures, naturally.

Our brains are wired for deep intimate connection, and our bodies are sensitive, attuned and responsive.


We are also facing a relational crisis: we want powerful intimate relationship with our partners, other women and ourselves, but societal messages around femininity, female bodies and what we have to do, be or perform to be in relationship have become distorted, leaving women feeling further from themselves, in competition with one another and confused about their authentic expression of femininity.


Let's change that.


Join a community of heart-forward women in practice and conversation around authentic feminine expression, attachment styles, relationship dynamics and healing from within the grounded wisdom of your body.


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The Little Yoga Studio in Boulder


Come learn to:

+ Cultivate trust in your body's sensations and what they might be communicating



+ Develop more capacity to be with difficult emotions, and how to express yourself compassionately and clearly

+ Dismantle dysfunctional relationship patterns and habits by understanding the deeper ask of your attachment style


+ Develop the energetic capacity for profound sexual depth and intimacy, while deeply honoring your boundaries

+ Identify your deep needs and desires, and how to trust they are valid

+ Nourish a more collaborative relationship with your intuition, and learn the difference between intuition and trauma response

+ Find the truth in your triggers, and to use them to create more intimacy and safety

+ Nurture a compassionate relationship with boundaries (yours and everyone else's)



Open to any and all who identify as female.


My career began over 15 years ago at a non-profit organization serving at-risk youth. This was where I began to see the connections between relational trauma, the brain and the body.


Fueled by my love for meditation, I began learning from the brilliant minds of Dan Siegel and Bruce Perry, as I began to integrate the healing effects of mindfulness and interpersonal neurobiology into my practice and research.


After several years, disenchanted and burned out by the juvenile justice system, I followed my instincts toward a deep-dive in the energetics of healing at the level of the subtle and emotional bodies. I became a Reiki practitioner and later trained as a transpersonal hypnotherapist.


As a hypnotherapist, I was finally able to help clients access the subconscious and spiritual levels of their beliefs, patterns and behaviors, but found that when asked to close their eyes and go within, many people were so activated and overwhelmed by simply being with their felt experience that they couldn't access the deeper spiritual healing they were seeking; their nervous systems literally didn't have the capacity to hold large amounts of healing energy. I knew I had to rewind and go much deeper into the somatics of healing and the delicate art of trauma resolution.


Now, as a certified somatic healing practitioner and breathwork facilitator, I specialize in attachment repatterining and nervous system repair. My deepest passion and purpose is combining the science of relational healing with the esoteric and embodied wisdom I've gleaned from studying sexual polarity, Neo-tantra and embodied relationship practices some of the most heart-forward and influential teachers in the field for the last 10 years.


This is where the work becomes life-changing: in the subtle realms, where we revere relationship and intimacy as a spiritual practice.


This dance between science and spirit has allowed me to access and bring forth these subtle realms to my clients, working with the sacred nature of love and intimacy. I offer clients an experience of healing through the body, of which the heart and spirit are an inexorable part.

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