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ENOUGH | Women’s Online Money Workshop


Enough | Online Womens Money Workshop

Abundance Class for Women









ENOUGH is a 6-week online workshop for women to heal the way the way they create and receive money, from the inside out.


online women money class

 Creating from the depth of her known worth is a woman’s freedom, and ultimately, her gift.  Sadly, for many women, guilt and overwhelm precede any excitement or buoyancy that might otherwise come from receiving money for their gifts or creative work.


Online Womens Money Class

For a woman, how to make money with integrity and confidence can be mysterious, because our models for earning it are largely masculine — driven by the hustle, drive and make-it-happen effort that runs unmistakably rampant in the world.  Not only does this vibe not sit well with us, but we know all too well how money-making carries associations with violence and injustice — and we want no part of that.

Our sensitivity, however, is also our gift: we are nurturing, we naturally create AND naturally receive.  This means the swinging door between giving and receiving moves fluidly, and when we can discern between the money mythology that’s been running our lives — and the truth of what we actually feel and want — we can create ease, excitement and massive amounts of pleasure from the money-making process.

The question we’re often afraid to ask is:
How good can it get?


Over the course of 6 weeks together, you’ll ask — and answer — this question in entirely new ways.  Through practices to recognize your Truth (not your long-held beliefs), aligning with that Truth through integral action, and opening to receive what you most deeply desire, you’ll find that you are — and have always been — unmistakably enough.

Abundance Class Online for Women

“Morgan’s gift for holding space is revolutionary.  Her voice helps you feel safe, tender and courageous all at once.  She gently guides you into what was for me uncharted territory, where I found grace, expansion and spaciousness.  She supports with a fierce gentleness and somehow provides you with the key (which was in your possession all along) to the door where you will find your truest, most radiant and alive self.” – Yasmine, New York


“Morgan is like the best friend + sister + witchy wing woman you never had, but suddenly can’t live without, and she is FUNNY.  The women that are drawn to her are like her: no BS, really kind and really loving.  She (and they) let me stop hiding who I am and what I want to do with my life.  I found trust.  But even better, I found this amazing connection to my Spirit and intuition in shocking ways.  I know what it feels like to belong to myself, and I never thought I would.  I feel like I’m in the presence of someone who’s going to change the way women empower themselves in the world.” — Yali, Australia


“If you’re brave enough, and willing to follow what you already know, Morgan will help you meet yourself in a way that is wild, and fierce, and powerfully tender, where all your deepest heart wishes live AND come true.  She’s a magician.  You can’t NOT be changed by listening to her, being guided into yourself by her, but ultimately remembering that YOU are the one who has the power to choose what kind of life you’ll live.  Her wisdom and intuition are powerful, but she will never let you forget that your own answers are the most powerful of all.  And I really believe that now.  My whole life feels different in the best possible way.” — Sam, California

Online Money Class for Women


WHENManifestation Online Class

Six consecutive Thursday evenings, 6:30 – 8:30pm Pacific Time, via private video classroom

Starting on the Winter Solstice, December 21st




Each class will be recorded and available for you to revisit for the duration of the class.  At the end of each class, you’ll be given supporting tools to explore and provide clarity through the week.

A NOTE ABOUT WORKING IN A GROUPJoshua Tree Retreat for Women

It’s no small thing to find a women’s group that feels good, clear and clean — support that is transparent but not heavy.

A huge reason I’ve become a creator of women’s groups is to fill a very real void, after having experienced enough of that longing for deep feminine connection myself, but never quite feeling like I could get my woo on without draping myself in unicorn hair and drinking the Kool-aid.  Know what I mean?

I am beyond proud to be a gatherer of some of the BEST women I’ve ever met, all of whom express how different this work is, and how transformative.  The value of coming together with other clear-hearted, hilarious, playful, tender women can’t be overstated:

It’s the stuff that changes lives.


If I hadn’t seen it myself, I wouldn’t believe it.
Don’t let the weirdness of the internet trick you into thinking it’s not possible to be held and supported in very real ways through an online workshop.

Showing up for yourself — while other women show up for you, too — is healing beyond measure.


Online Womens Abundance Class


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